A Day in the Life of an Ogilvy Intern

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By Madi Mucha


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to intern at Ogilvy? What little nuances occur on a day-to-day basis that they don’t tell you about online or in an interview? Well, I’m here to tell you about the grind and hustle that is the Ogilvy NY office. 

Whether you’re a commuter from Jersey or living in the city for the summer, there will be a day, if not many, where you’ll come into work sweaty. With the sticky, humid heat of the summer and a 15-minute walk from the nearest subway station, it’s best to learn to embrace this NYC heat (and always bring deodorant). 

When you arrive at the foot of the building of what was once an actual chocolate factory, you’re faced with your first challenge of the day – finding the perfect moment to maneuver your way into one of the unusually small sections of the swift (and sometimes terrifying) revolving doors. Then comes the elevators. If you make it to work anywhere between 9 and 10 a.m. – the busiest arrival hour for Ogilvy employees– you’re likely to find yourself in a crowded elevator, surrounded by professionals of all levels in trendy dress wear and headphones glued to their ears. 

As an intern, it is a best practice to come in early, about 15 or more minutes before your manager(s) and team. Doing this will give you time to settle in, respond to any emails you may have and head over to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee before your day gets bombarded with meetings, conference calls, booking huddle rooms and more. You can look forward to two Lunch and Learn sessions each week, networking events after work, spontaneous happy hours with your coworkers, Intern Field Day and Ogilvy affinity group events. 

Every day is different, keeping you on your toes at all times. For those days when you’re going non-stop and need to stay in the zone, the 10th floor chairs facing the city or the comfy red chairs in the kitchens will be your best friends. And on those lighter days, it’s common to see a group of interns lounging around on the rooftop for lunch, chatting about projects they’ve been working on or their upcoming weekend plans.

As the day winds down and office chatter comes to a lull, the sounds of feverish typing and last-minute coffee breaks fill the office. You’ll start to hear the friendly “have a good nights” and “see you tomorrows,” as everyone heads off to grab a bite to eat, make their way to a happy hour nearby, hit the gym or work on that side hustle they’ve been pushing aside the past few weeks. Or, let’s be honest, you might just head home to take a nap. You worked hard, so do whatever you want to do now – you deserve it!