Hot Tips for Future New Yorkers


By Dorrie Greenfield


New York, New York. The city so nice they named it twice.

We know that the Big Apple can be a bit of a sensory overload to newcomers, as many interns are new to the city as well. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled some advice from those of us who have made the move!

What’s in your suitcase?

Space in New York is pretty limited, so it’s important to make sure you pack the right things and not too much of them. Obviously feel free to flaunt your style, but don’t forget the basics and avoid packing things that are too formal. Jeans/khakis and nice blouses/shirts are staples, and the good news is that they can be worn to work as well as out and about! If you’re living in a particularly busy part of the city, you might also want to think about packing something to block out the noise if you think it would help. 

Be kind to your wallet

New York is known for its high buildings and high prices. Although it takes a little extra time and effort, grocery shopping and meal prepping for work will save your bank account from taking a major hit. But, don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while! There’s so much to eat and drink in the city, so explore new foods and flavors. 

Additionally, location is something to consider. Even though you might have your heart set on that adorable studio in that hipster neighborhood, rent in the city can get very pricey. Do some research on all areas of the city (including the outer boroughs) and you’re guaranteed to find your cozy spot for a reasonable price. 

Charter your course

Although the city might be big and confusing, the hustle and bustle is easier to maneuver than you think. Once you master public transportation in your new neighborhood, you’ll be able to expand your expertise to the rest of the city. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Get Citymapper
    1. Say hello to your new best friend! Citymapper will tell you which subway line to take to get from point A to point B, as well as walking routes and other forms of transportation like buses and ferries. The app will also tell you which subway lines are running with delays or not at all, which is always a lifesaver. If you’re already familiar with the general areas of the city, screenshotting a picture of the subway map and saving it on your phone is also a handy way to become familiar with which line goes where.
  2. Time is money
    1. Cabs and Ubers are always an option if public transportation fails you, but be wary of what time you take them! Rush hour is very real in New York, and taking ground transportation from 7-9 a.m and 5-7 p.m could cost you both time and dollars. If you’re heading downtown, give yourself a little extra time when traveling by cab or car. 
  3. Go the distance
    1. Although walking everywhere can be tiring, it’s just part of being a New Yorker! Not only that, but it’s the best way to get to know each pocket of the city and appreciate all it has to offer. After work or on the weekends, pick a part of the city that you haven’t explored yet and just wander – you never know what cool new places you’ll stumble upon! 
  4. Don’t get discouraged
    1. We’ve all taken the uptown train when we meant to go downtown, missed our stop, gotten stuck in cabs, etc. Don’t worry if you make mistakes at the beginning! You’ll become a transportation expert in no time.

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Even though New York can get pricey sometimes, there’s ALWAYS something cool to do, and lot of it is FREE – you just have to know where to look! Resources like Time Out, Like A Local, and Thrillist will fill you in on the happenings right in your neighborhood, as well as places you can venture out to on the weekends. Work will definitely keep you busy, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy just beingin the city. Be curious, put yourself out there and try everything!

Soak it all in!

Finally, take advantage of the resources at Ogilvy! Go out of your way to meet new people, and really build your relationships with your managers, coworkers, mentors and intern friends. Ask questions and get involved in anything and everything that interests you. This is your chance to grow personally and professionally, to learn new things about yourself and others, and to make the most out of your summer. Your experience is what you make it, so make it amazing!