Twitter Town Hall Recap

The information below is summarizes FAQ’s from the 2018 Twitter Town Hall and broken into three sections:

  1. General application questions (which apply for both the Associates Program or the summer internship)

  2. The Associates Program

  3. The Internship

General Application Questions

How long should the prompts be?

We recommend around 500 words for each prompt, but there is no word length or requirement.

What day and time does the application close?


Is there way to send a letter of recommendation directly to Ogilvy? Is there a way to send my required documents directly to Ogilvy if I had issues uploading them to my application online?

In this case, please send documents to, and specify which program and office you have applied to.

For the recommendation letters, should applicants use two professors or have a boss/manager from an internship write a letter too?

There are no requirements on what kind of letters to submit. Candidates can submit two professional, two educational or one of each!

How long should recommendation letters be?

We recommend about a page in length.

Should attached documents be uploaded to your profile?

Yes, your attached documents should be uploaded to in the Candidate Profile section where it states to upload "cover letter/additional documents." Be sure to pay attention to the first page and upload there before you moving forward in the application portal.

Is a cover letter required?

Technically no, but on the portal page under the area where you’d upload attachments, there’s an option to add a cover letter as well as additional attachments (such as your essays and letters of recommendation). Additionally, if you choose to not submit one, we recommend specifying your preferred track at the top or bottom of your essay prompts.

Should applicants include a cover letter with an application even though it’s not required, or is it better not to?

It is up to you whether you would like to include a cover letter or not. HR will read and review all applications in full, so please be patient!

Is it best to include the track preference in a separate document or in the cover letter?

If you are planning to submit a cover letter, we recommend mentioning your chosen track in there. Again, cover letters aren't required, and if you don't write one (which is totally fine) be sure to include your track preference on the top or bottom of your essays.

For May graduates, should they apply for an internship or a full-time position with Ogilvy?

We highly encourage you to check out the Associates Program, which is designed for recent grads! To learn more, check out

Associate Specific Questions

Explain the Account Management and Strategy rotations please.

In account management, you’ll get to facilitate meetings, work with various departments across Ogilvy for client projects, creation of specific project needs (i.e. PowerPoints), regular communication of the client (like a liaison of sorts) and other tasks.  Strategy is mostly research based, which can involve analysis information cultural trends for clients (brand planning), look into best ways for clients to reach their target audiences, consulting, etc.

Can you apply to the Associates program in more than one city?

Yes, you can apply to multiple offices, but please note that applying to more than one will not increase your chances of being hired. You should apply to whichever offices you would want/be willing to work in.

How long is each rotation in the New York Associates Program?

Three 4-month rotations.

If a student graduates during the summer, are they still able to apply to the Associates Program?


Internship Specific Questions

What does the Chicago Summer 2018 Internship Program (creative track) entail? What are the interns responsible for? Should a portfolio be submitted?

We recommend submitting a portfolio if you have one, and please check out this link for further information about the program.

What’s the best part about being an intern in NYC?

You’re at the Ogilvy headquarters, big city living, we have summer rooftop concerts and you get to be around some of the most creative people in the world!