The Top Dos and Don’ts When Applying to the Associates Program

With application season in full swing and finals quickly approaching, the 2017 Associates wanted to provide a short list of Dos and Don’ts to serve as a guide for potential candidates. Some tips might seem like no-brainers, but we want to help you pass the first stage with flying colors.

We hope this list helps you, and good luck!

Do and Don't Pic

DO read the application directions carefully

Make sure that 1) ALL attachments are included, 2) you’ve provided the necessary recommendation letters and 3) your essays showcase your personality in the best way possible.

An Associate Aside: Truthfully, there is no right or wrong answer for the essays; just be as original and creative as you can in your responses. But be sure to take them seriously – these writing samples are the best way to differentiate yourself for this round of the application process.

DONT stress about the little things

The Associates know exactly how you feel, but we also know that if you're stressing too much, it won’t help your confidence shine through! Just take each part of this application one step at a time, give it your absolute best and don’t be afraid to show Ogilvy who you are – you’ve got this!

DO check everything twice!

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to overlook a simple spelling mistake. If possible, get a friend, professor or a trusted family member to read over your essays – the more eyes you can have on your work, the better it will be.

DONT worry if you did not major in marketingbusiness or communications

Ogilvy wants people from diverse backgrounds because those differences will create the best results. Have confidence in what you can bring to the table; your major doesn’t determine whether or not you’ll be accepted into this program. Under Meet The Associates, you’ll see our class has many majors and universities represented, allowing us to grow and learn together because we each bring unique perspectives to this program.

DO be patient

Waiting to hear back during application season can be hectic, but try your best to overcome any application impatience by understanding the process from the backend. There are only a handful of HR managers, and the offices are working as quickly as possible to review and process each application. No matter what, our class is rooting for you to succeed, so enjoy the process and remember to have fun!

DON’T be afraid to ask questions on the Ogilvy Titans social media channels

Whether it is regarding the application process or general questions about the program, don’t hesitate to use the Twitter and Facebook pages as a resource to reach out. We all have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to apply for this program, so we want you to know that we're here for you! 

DO make sure you are a recent graduate

If you are graduating in December 2017 or in the spring of 2018, then you are eligible for this program! That said, if you are outside of that scope (i.e. graduated a year or more ago, or have yet to be in your final year), please, please, please consider applying for Ogilvy’s summer internships or full-time positions listed on the career portal!

And last...


O.G.I.L.V.Y. Practice spelling it and saying it, because you don't want to mess up on this! Knowing how to spell the company name is equally as important as knowing some of the top clients or creative work.

We know that this application can seem daunting, but try to trust the process. Easier said than done, we know, but this is a time to challenge yourself and reflect on what makes you unique as you go into your last semester of college. From the Associates Class of 2017, we believe in you and know that your application will show Ogilvy what you can bring to the table. Have confidence in what you submit, and don’t forget, we're here if you need us.