Around the Office with Maia Henderson

Welcome to our Q&A series where you’ll get a glimpse into each of our associates' days “around the office!" Next up - Maia Henderson from the OgilvyOne New Business team:

What’s your morning routine? I get in about 8:30, check all my emails. Get water, coffee, eat my breakfast. Try to wake up. Each morning is pretty different for me.

What makes or breaks your day? Free food makes my day as well as the people I work with. Having 17 other Associates to joke around with and ask questions is the most amazing thing. - having to stay really late breaks it. Especially if I have to cancel plans, but that barely ever happens.

When you leave the office early you... That never happens. If I did leave the office early...I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Your desk essential? Sticky notes (I'm a nerd) and a moleskin notepad. I also usually have some lipstick in case I get pulled into a fancy meeting.

Favorite place to grab lunch? Chop't. I love a good chopped salad. And the Ogilvy Cafe Sushi - you can't beat the two roll combo.

What do you wish someone had told you day one? That I didn't need to dress so fancy. Now, I love being able to wear my vans to work and truly showcase my style.

What do you love most about the office? I love the entrance! It is so bold and completely engulfs you into the Ogilvy Culture before you even get through security.

An Ogilvy secret revealed: Everyone loves to quote David Ogilvy, sometimes too much. JK JK. An Ogilvy secret? I have no idea....

Tell us more about your rotation: I'm currently working on New Business with OgilvyOne. That means that I work on pitching new clients/researching potential clients instead of an existing account within OgilvyOne. The nice and sometimes hectic thing about my rotation is that no day is the same. Some days can be really slow and other days I am running around. I usually have 4-5 meetings and send about 40 emails a day minimum if that helps. I also run the OgilvyOne twitter account and help put together a digital newsletter everyday.

I get to see so many facets of OgilvyOne through New Business. One day we will be meeting with strategists, and then the other we will be meeting with creatives. It is a great overarching way to start working in the advertising industry. The late nights are the most challenging but they are easily be made better with the good company and food. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had is I went to the entire Advertising Week and live-tweeted it. It was amazing listening to the powerful influencers of our industry and their insights on the future of advertising.