Around the Office with Emily Arnold

Welcome to our Q&A series where you’ll get a glimpse into each of our associates' days “around the office!" Next up - Emily Arnold from the OgilvyRED team:

What’s your morning routine? Wake up, feed the cat and guinea pig (who are both very vocal about being hungry), then get myself ready for the day. I usually check my email before I leave t and answer them once I get on the shuttle. Then it’s coffee first thing when I get to the office.

What makes or breaks your day? There’s an English bulldog puppy that the toy store around the corner from my apartment owns. Some mornings when I walk to work he’s in the window wagging his tail and drooling all over the glass. Day=instantly made.

When you leave the office early you... Go to happy hour with some of the associates.

Your desk essential? I’m all about a good pen. If the ink flows, so do the ideas.

Favorite place to grab lunch? Honestly, the cafeteria is pretty great. The on-site sushi chef is incredible. If I’m feeling adventurous though I’ll head out to Gotham Market for some ramen.

What do you wish someone had told you day one? Speak up- you’re here for a reason.

What do you love most about the office? The wall art on each landing in the stairwells.

An Ogilvy secret revealed: There’s an AUX cable on the roof where you can plug in your phone and play your own music.