Around the Office with Drew Muller

Welcome to our Q&A series where you’ll get a glimpse into each of our associates' days “around the office!" Next up - Drew Muller from the Dialogue Strategy team:

What’s your morning routine? Get in, put my lunch in the fridge and grab some water—got to stay hydrated. Then I usually scan the New York Times for anything interested and read the Shouts and Murmurs section of the New Yorker to get my creative juices flowing. Then I fire up e-mail and either get to work on a project or check in with my manager to see what I can help with.

What makes or breaks your day? RAIN. Rain in the city is the worst.

When you leave the office early you... Hit the gym.

Your desk essential? Keyboard and wireless mouse so I don’t have to hunch over my computer.

Favorite place to grab lunch? I really like Room Service, a thai place.

What do you wish someone had told you day one? To take things day by day. Thinking ahead is great, but focus on what you have to do today.

What do you love most about the office? Foosball on 4!!

An Ogilvy secret revealed: Everyone is extremely attractive.