Around the Office with Christian Knoch

Our Q&A series gives you a glimpse into each of our associates' days “around the office!" Next up - Christian Knoch from the IKEA Account Management team:

What’s your morning routine? Wake up at 8:30, do whatever’s necessary to make 9:10 shuttle.

What makes or breaks your day? Absolutely nothing – I usually have a bit of both throughout my day, but it has to be something extremely special to really make it and extremely horrid to break it.

When you leave the office early you... Run, very fast.

Your desk essential? My tree and Groot bobblehead

Favorite place to grab lunch? Slurp Ramen at Gotham Market

What do you wish someone had told you day one? I had everything I needed to know

What do you love most about the office? The couch that my account team has taken ownership of.